Thursday, August 29, 1991

Dick Chapman

Crown advised Doe case "weak"

An assistant Crown attorney yesterday maintained that he had advised detectives that convicting a police officer in the alleged assault of Jane Doe would be hard.

Uriel Priwes told the Ontario Civillian Commission on Police Services he does not have precise recollection of a meeting with two internal affairs detectives on Nov. 24, 1989. But he insists he did not tell detective-sergeants Don Caisse and Richard Lundy whether or not to criminally prosecute Sgt. Brian Whitehead for sexual assault and extortion of Doe -- just that convicting Whitehead would be difficult.

"I said it was a weak case and I was perfectly justified," he told Doe's lawyer, Diane Martin.

Doe, 27 when she was allegedly assaulted by Whitehead on Nov. 8, 1989, finished her confidential testimony earlier. The inquiry has heard Whitehead used his police badge to threaten her with arrest and obtain sex after Doe offered him sex for $100 on Queen St. W.

Doe testified she had been prepared to let the issue drop, until she heard Whitehead would not lose his job as a result of his (1990) prosecution internally under the Police Act. Whitehead was demoted.

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