Friday, August 28, 1992

Moira Welsh

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'Kept woman' claims vindication three years after going to police

After a long time in "hell on earth," Roma Langford is ready to move on.

The woman who blew the whistle on former Metro constable Gordon Junger finally feels vindicated by a provincial report released yesterday that slams the Metro police department for mishandling its internal investigations.

"It just proves that there is a justice system." Langford said yesterday, outside her Scarborough home. "For the longest time, when I was being played with, I just felt that my faith in the justice system was almost at its minimum."

Langford, who lived with Junger, a morality officer, told police in December, 1989, that he was her partner in the Pleasure Can Be Yours escort service.

That led to a secret deal for his resignation. A scandal ensued when The Star broke the story the following year, and an inquiry was called into the department's investigation of its own members.

Now after a "long and lonely two years" the woman described as a high-priced call girl is ready to start anew.

"I think what I've been through, I've learned a lot. I think morality (officers) thought that exposing me would be my downfall, but what it made me was a whole individual," she said yesterday, walking slowly down a residential street.

What seems to pain her most from the last years was the labelling of her as a call girl. She wants to ensure that people not see her as a one-dimensional woman.

"I wasn't a prostitute: I wasn't a call girl. I was a kept woman," she says adamantly. "A kept woman is with somebody who gives you these lavish gifts and keeps their interest. "It's not taboo this day to say that is what you've done."

"It took a lot of soul-searching for me to really come to terms with myself and say, "Roma, you have to go on with your life."

Langford said she is now involved with a man in New York city, where she has been recording an album of music she has written over the past month. "I'm going to do very well, she said.

As for Junger, Langford says she wishes him all the best. "I have no resentment towards Gordon. Gordie will always be a good person. "I hope that he's been able to go on with his life the way I've been able to go on with mine."

Langford is seeking child support from Junger, the father of her 2-year old son.

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