Saturday August 29, 1992

Andrew Duffy

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Eng backs chief in wake of scathing report

Metro police chief William McCormack has been given a vote of confidence by the police board chairperson amid a storm of controversy over his role on the Junger affair.

Susan Eng, who has often clashed with McCormack over matters of police policy, met with the chief yesterday to discuss the findings of the provincial inquiry.

"I would say to you right now that I am quite content that this matter is over and done with," McCormack said.

But the inquiry report calls upon the police board to review McCormack's conduct during the period when then constable Gordon Junger signed a controversial resignation deal with Metro police in January, 1990, amid allegations he was a male prostitute and co-owner of an escort service.

Eng said the board would discuss the issues at it's Sept. 24 meeting. "He (McCormack) agreed there can be no more sweetheart deals," Eng said in an interview yesterday.

"And yes, I can work with him in responding to the recommendations made in the report. I took from our meeting that he accepts the principle that the public confidence in the police force depends on public accountability."

Metro police demonstrated "a tremendous lack of integrity" by signing the secret deal, then saying they wouldn't abide by its terms, the report says, calling both acts "reprehensible."

"Admittedly, we are not perfect and admittedly we make mistakes," McCormack said. While rejecting several key findings, the chief said the thrust of the report does "not trouble me at all."

In fact, he said, 17 of the 24 recommendations have already been acted upon. "I think it's . . . a role model for the future, for policing, not only in Ontario, but right across Canada.

"I agree that the agreement itself is reprehensible or whatever word you wish to use and I've said that. but I also say that it was done in good faith, according to the rules of the day."

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