Friday August 28, 1992

Joe Warmington

p. News 84.

Junger's ex likes result of inquiry

Roma Langford says she has been vindicated by the Junger inquiry findings. Langford yesterday said she has been harassed and humiliated by police officers.

Langford also complained she has been portrayed as an unintelligent hooker since she informed police about Gordon Junger, her former boyfriend and business partner, and his illegal activities.

Langford told police Junger was involved in narcotics and had used the force's computer to find potential employees for the escort service they ran.

'I am not a prostitute'

Even though the inquiry criticized the way the department handled the Junger affair, Langford said she was most upset with the way she was portrayed.

"I am not a prostitute," she proclaimed yesterday. "I have never walked the streets, nor will I ever. I am a highly paid call girl. I am considered a kept woman."

But even with all the publicity, she said she is not angry with Junger. "I am not his enemy. I am his friend. I don't have any hard words for him," she said. "He's always been a good person in my eyes."

Asked of the status of her relationship with Junger, she said, "I am not going to make any comment."

Her lawyers, Marlys Edwardh and Daniel Brodsky, were thrilled with the findings.

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