Friday August 28, 1992

Ray Smith

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Probe slammed

Eng rips secret deal with ex-cop

Junger inquiry members missed the chance to censure those responsible for a secret deal with ex-cop, says Police Service Board chairman Susan Eng.

The three-member provincial commission yesterday slammed Metro Police and the board for the way they got rid of "bad apple" Gordon Junger.

Junger, a 10-year member of the force, resigned Feb. 1, 1990, after a secret agreement was struck to withdraw allegations against him -- of living off the avails of prostitution, possession of hashish, unlawful use of a police computer, and running an escort service with girlfriend Roma Langford.

Terms included he resign, drug possession charges be withdrawn, no charges for his ties with Langford be laid and all evidence destroyed.

Keeping the terms confidential was "inappropriate," the report says. That Police Chief Bill McCormack agreed was also "inappropriate."

"The manner in which the bad apple was gotten rid of fell short of the standards we would have expected," said inquiry chairman Frank D'Andrea.

The commission blamed McCormack and Mayor June Rowlands, then police board chairman. But Eng said the commission ducked its responsibility to take disciplinary action or censure Rowlands, McCormack or members of internal affairs.

"I think they had an opportunity that they lost. (They) had the jurisdiction to censure and discipline... It's regrettable but it appears now they've directed that back to the board."

Rowlands insists she had no right to order McCormack to show her the deal. "The board has the authority, not I."

McCormack said today he would not comment on the report until after he read it. "I stand by the professionalism of the force and also stand by the remedies that have been put into place and which are ongoing," he said.

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