Sunday, May 9, 1993

Lisa Wright

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End police 'military' discipline Eng says

The civilian boss of Metro police has criticized the "military style" of discipline practised on the force.

Police services board chairperson Susan Eng proposes a "labor-management approach" as a more modern, effective way to make the police chief and officers more accountable to the board and the public.

"Is it still appropriate in this day and age, to use an essentially military style of discipline to shape the behavior of the police force?" she asks in the text of a speech that was to be delivered today to the Ontario Association of Police Services Boards.

Eng, who was to speak this morning at the Toronto Hilton, also wondered if it is always "necessary to find fault or misconduct to dismiss an incompetent officer." She referred specifically to the Gordon Junger scandal and the inquiry it sparked.

"This is especially critical when we are asked to review the conduct or performance of the chief of police," Eng said in the speech obtained by The Star entitled "Monitoring Police Services Boards."

The board and McCormack came under fire at the provincial inquiry for the handling of a secret deal that involved the destruction of evidence in exchange for the resignation of Junger, who was accused of running an escort service and possessing hashish.

The inquiry also probed a second case involving a former prostitute's complaint that Sergeant Brian Whitehead extorted sex by threatening to arrest her. After an internal investigation, Whitehead pleaded guilty to Police Act charges and was demoted to constable.

In its report, the inquiry accused the force of placing expediency ahead of principle. The police board passed a sweeping set of policy directives to ensure there would be no more secret deal.

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