Sunday, January 3, 1993

Mark Stewart

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Missing hooker 'into bondage'

Missing transsexual prostitute Grayce Baxter was a dominatrix who sometimes took neighbors into her downtown apartment to watch clients being humiliated.

"It was common knowledge she was a prostitute," said a neighbour in the downtown townhouse complex.

Tenants know Baxter "was into bondage. She was a dominatrix. As far as I know that was her thing.

"Humiliation is big bucks," said the woman, who didn't want to be identified.

But Baxter's profession wasn't offensive to the predominantly gay building and downtown neighborhood., she said.

Baxter, 26, was last seen by a friend at a Mississauga home about 3.a.m. Dec. 8.

She left after receiving a call on her pager. Her car was found at the Gerrard Square Mall two days later.

Baxter, who underwent a sex change operation seven years ago, lived at an expensive Yonge St. condo but worked from a one-bedroom townhouse.

"There wasn't much more than a bed, a television and a couch," said another source, wh also requested anonymity. "But there were tie-downs on the bed."

Paid her rent

Baxter, who booked her services through Amanda's and Big One Fantasies escort agencies was not known as a troublesome tenant, he said.

She always paid her rent on time and never complained to management.

Homicide Det. Sgt. Tony Warr said he has a team of eight officers working on her mysterious disappearance.

They have begun working their way through more than 100 names on Baxter's client list.

One of those clients was put on display one night, tied up and dressed in a diaper, said the neighbor.

"She'd bring in the neighbors to see a guy dressed like a baby in a diaper and laugh at him," she said.

Warr said anyone who doesn't want to be contacted by police can call himn first at Metro's homocide squad at 324-6150.

Baxter is white, 6-feet tall, 160 pounds, with a sturdy build, and long, dyed-blonde shoulder-length hair and blue eyes.

She was last seen wearing dark clothing, including a black "Cat Lady" body stocking.

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