Sunday, January 11, 1993?

Sharon Lem

Neighbors baffled over arrest

Neighbors of a North York jail guard charged in the first-degree murder of missing transsexual prostitute Grayce Baxter says he's "a good boy."

Metro police arrested Patrick Daniel Johnson, 23, of Wynford Heights Cres., in his two bedroom apartment Friday.

Det.-Sgt. Tony Warr said Johnson was remanded by a Justice of the Peace to Metro East Detention Centre until Tuesday, when he will appear in North York court.

Johnson, a guard at the Don Jail, is charged with first-degree murder of Baxter, 26, of Yonge St., although her body hasn't been found. Warr is confident they will recover the body.

Police believe Baxter was killed Dec. 8, the day she was last seen, leaving a friend's Mississauga home at 3 a.m.

'Can't believe it'

"I just can't believe it," said the superintendent at the apartment complex where Johnson lives. "He's such a very nice, quiet and handsome boy, friendly, polite and well-mannered."

The superintendent said Johnson's $700 was always paid each month.

"We've had no trouble from him since he moved in last summer," he said.

"He was a pretty nice fellow and he seemed like a good boy," said a next-door-neighbor who didn't want her name used.

"This apartment complex is usually quiet and there's never been any trouble around here until this," she said.

Forensic investigators scoured Johnson's apartment for evidence yesterday.

Baxter, an avid antique collector, was a call girl and specialized as a dominatrix who tied up and humiliated clients, neighbors of her townhouse told the Sun.

Her car was found abandoned at the Gerrard Square shopping mall Dec. 10.

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