Wednesday, January 15, 1993?

Kevin Hann

Missing hooker

Search may turn to dump

Murder investigators may search Pickering's dump for the body of transsexual hooker Grayce Baxter.

The 26-year-old dominatrix specialist vanished Dec. 8 after being paged to service a customer.

Part-time jail guard Dan Johnson, 23, is charged with her first-degree murder.

Det.-Sgt. Tony Warr said detectives surveyed Brock West Landfill site, at Brock Rd. and Concession 3, on Tuesday.

"They have pretty good records of what's been dumped and where," he said. "Each day they dump in a different section."

Investigators are still questioning friends and colleagues of Johnson, arrested last Saturday.

Theresa Williams, 23, who dated Johnson for about seven months, said she learned of the arrest when police arrived at her home.

"I had seen him on Dec. 11 and everything seemed normal," she said yesterday. "We'd broken up but still saw each other."

She said she also visited Johnson for 20 minutes on Boxing Day but "he seemed angry.

"Then he called the night before his arrest, and left a message saying he was going to B.C. in a couple of days, that I should ... call him," she added.

Johnson told friends and family last week that he was returning to his hometown of Abbotsford, B.C.

Prior to his arrest, he wrote a letter to the Sun, in which he described himself as a "big, tough weightlifter ... womanizer ... loudmouth and joker."

He also claimed to have seen a drunk "Gracie" the day she disappeared.

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