Monday, March 9, 1998

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Prostitute found slain

Body sprawled in Jarvis St. parking lot

A prostitute who moved to Toronto weeks ago was found murdered yesterday. A resident of a downtown apartment building spotted the body of Donna Oglive, 24, lying in a wind-blown gravel parking lot off Jarvis St. at about 7:15 a.m.

Dozens of apartments in four buildings overlook the lot where hookers and johns conduct business on the east side of Jarvis near Carlton St.

"She's a human being and she deserved respect and dignity," said Anastasia Kuzyk, of the Sex Workers' Alliance of Toronto. After the discovery of Darlene MacNeill's strangled and partially clothed body in Lake Ontario, police formed a special task force to hunt for her killer and those of two strangled hookers dumped in the lake in 1994.

Autopsy today

Homicide Det. Scott Bronson said it's too early to say if Oglive's death has any connection with the other murders. An autopsy will be done today.

Police taped off an area about five metres by 10 metres in front of a chain link fence where garbage gathered at the east side of the lot.

Oglive wore a fur coat, white high-heeled boots and a mini skirt. A Canadian citizen of Filipino background, she came here five weeks ago from British Columbia and stayed downtown with a friend and worked as a prostitute in the Church-Gerrad Sts. area.

Oglive is the fifth prostitute murdered in Toronto since January 1997. There have been no arrests.

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