Thursday, August 5, 1999. No. 156

p. 7.

Toronto baths busted

Hogtown cops say they will arrest men found having sex in bathhouses, in what is building up to be the next generation of Toronto bathhouse raids.

Nineteen men are already facing charges after busts of popular licensed bath the Bijou. Toronto cop Doug Singleton says, "If my officers enter into a liquor licensed premises where there is activity taking place — which under the Criminal Code is listed as an illegal activity — they would have to take action."

Gay city councillor Kyle Rae is sitting on the fence. He's said another major bathhouse raid would never happen, and has delayed public criticism of the police. He said the police's assertions they would prosecute any dick being sucked during a routine inspection is an interpretation of the Criminal Code that won't hold up in court.

The last major bath raid in 1981 caused a riot, and a turning point for Ontario's gay rights movement.

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