Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Two more Quebec porn actresses on HIV-quarantine list: producer

MONTREAL — Two Quebec porn actresses have been placed on an industry quarantine list in an HIV scare that has paralysed the North American industry, a local producer said Wednesday.

Frederic Laverge of Productions PSA said Judy Starr and Patricia Petite recently returned to Montreal after an HIV-positive result from a male performer threw the industry into turmoil.

Their addition to the list followed news that Quebec actress Lara Roxx tested positive for HIV after shooting recent scenes with performer Darren James. Lavigne said he doesn't know the results of Petite and Starr's tests.

"They're awaiting their results," said Lavigne, who produces a sex-reality show called Pornstar Academie. "They took tests over there but they came back here, that's all we know."

The names Patricia Petite and Judy Starr appear on the quarantine list of the U.S.-based Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation, which promotes safe sex in the porn industry.

The organization said Petite worked directly with James while Starr performed with actors who worked with James.

The HIV scare has led to a voluntary North American moratorium on porn production that could last until June.

James apparently contracted the virus while shooting a film last month in Brazil.

The names of about 65 performers who had sex with James and Roxx or slept with their movie sex partners were posted on industry quarantine sites that prevent them from working for two months until their next HIV tests are completed.

Laverge predicted the industry would recover from the HIV scare and perhaps even benefit from increased awareness abut sexually transmitted diseases.

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