No. 26 (Winter 1997)

p. 14.

Interview with an uncut hustler

This is Grant. He is 26 years old. Grant is a hustler, and says he has been charging for sex since he was a teenager. Grant is uncut, and he attributes much of his success in the flesh trade to his foreskin. He's got a great body, a good look, a cocky disposition, and a real talent for finding clients with a taste for' skin.

FQ: When did you start hustling?

Well I started fooling around with guys when I was a senior in high school. I'd hang out at the local bar. It was a trucker's joint, because there was an interstate that went right through my town. Even though I was underage, they'd let me hang out there because I was buddies with the owner's son.

FQ: Was it mostly locals at the bar?

Not really. I mean, yeah -- plenty of local guys hung out there. But because we were on the interstate, there were truckers and tourists too.

FQ: Did they know you were gay?

Shit... I didn't kow I was gay! But my buddy Tom and I used to fool around...we'd watch each other jerking off, jerk each other off... but it was more about discovery than anything else. You know... finding out what felt good.

FQ: What was Todd like?

He was a big boy like me. 6'2", probably about 200 pounds, he was built. Real nordic looking.

FQ: And you and he were fuck-buddies, so to speak.

We didn't fuck. We just fooled around.

FQ: Did you ever swallow his cum?


FQ: Did he swallow yours?

Yeah, once or twice.

FQ: Okay, back to the bar. You had sex with other athletes from your school there?

No way... are you fuckin' nuts? I mean, Todd and I would fool around, but we never told anybody about it. Those guys woulda kicked our asses if they knew we were checkin' them out!

FQ: So who did you have sex with at the bar?

Drunk straight guys who couldn't get a chick to suck on their dick that night, I guess. Or closeted queers lookin' for a way to suck cock without gettin' the shit beat out of 'em.

FQ: Married straight guys?

Sometimes... mostly they were guys who would have too many drinks, then head out to their trucks and jerk off or pass out or wait around for somethin' to happen.

FQ: And you'd be the "something"...

Yeah, you could say that. The first time I say a couple of guys hanging out in their pickup, I sorta walked across the parking lot and started talking to them. They were both pretty loaded. Before you know it, I'm in the cab of their truck with them and they're jerking off into my mouth.

FQ: Straight guys?

Damn right. Once was married to the fuckin' mailman's daughter. But it wasn't so much of a gay thing. It was a power thing for them, I guess.

FQ: Did they pay you?

Naw. It was a one-time deal. I was there and they were so horny, it was just sex. No money. They told me they'd kill if anyone found out, so I just sorta shut up.

FQ: When did you start making money at this?

One night, I was like 20 or 21 I guess... I was just there at the bar, havin' a couple of beers. Not lookin' for sex or anything like that... just havin' a couple of beers, y'know? And this older chubby guy sits down next to me and starts talking to me, and he starts tellin' me how much he enjoyed watching me blow this farmer a couple of weeks earlier, out in the parking lot.

FQ: You'd been putting on a show?

I didn't know he was watching. Shit, we were in the car, but I guess this guy must have seen my head goin' up and down or something...

FQ: And he liked what he saw, apparently.

I guess so, because he was tellin' me about how much he liked watching, and he wondered how he could get somethin' like that.

FQ: And what did you tell him?

I told him to fuck off.

FQ: Why weren't you interested in him?

I wasn't horny, for one thing. And he was ugly, for another thing...

FQ: What did he look like?

He was an older guy, probably late 40s I don't know. Short, fat, really hairy. I remember he was clean shaven, wore glasses. He looked like a fuckin' used car salesman or something, you know?

FQ: Not your "type?"

I was used to doin' it with Todd, and smaller fitter guys. I'd never been with somethin' like this guy.

FQ: So you tell him to fuck off, and...

He asked how much it would cost him to interest me. And I sat there and thought about what he was sayin' for a minute, just to sorta make sure that what I thought I was hearin' was what he was really sayin'... and I said "suppose $20."

FQ: and he said...


FQ: And you said...


FQ: Did it work?

Yeah. We left together right after that.

FQ: What a bargain.

(laughs.) Yeah, after I got past the sweat $ cologne, I blew him and he shot his jizz down my throat. Then he pulled my dick out and showed me a few tricks.

FQ: "Tricks?"

Yeah, I'm uncut. I have a long, pretty thick foreskin. And before that night, I'd always pull it back when I jerked off. But he showed me how to play with it. Shit, we must have been in his pickup for a couple of hours, and only about ten minutes of that time was me suckin' on his dick.

FQ: And the rest of the time he played with your foreskin?

Yeah, just about. He'd pull on it, he'd chew on it, he'd stick his thumb in between my skin and the head of my dick and sorta twirl it around and around.

FQ: And you liked it?

Shit, it was incredible! I had no idea that my dick could feel so good.

FQ: And all of this for $25?


FQ: So you started charging after that?

Well, it's kinda funny... the next time an ugly guy come on to me, I sorta jokingly said "Sure, for $25." And he pulled out his wallet.

FQ: What did he want to do?

Suck my dick.

FQ: And did you take the money?

Shit, yeah, wouldn't you?

FQ: We're not talking about me. What did he get for his $25?

I let him suck me off.

FQ: Did he play with your foreskin too?

Yeah, mostly with his mouth. He liked to chew on it. And he did this thing with his tongue and his teeth. I couldn't really see what he was doin', but it felt fuckin' great. I think he was sorta holding it open with his teeth and shoving his tongue inside and licking my dickhead.

FQ: So you started charging for this on a regular basis then?

Yeah, pretty much so. Word got out that I had this nice uncut dick and that I liked having my foreskin chewed and sucked on, so anyone into doin' that... well they found me.

FQ: And was $25 your standard rate?

At first, But then I started charging on a different scale, like depending on how attracted I was to the guy. There were times when I'd say $250 just because there was no fuckin' way I was gonna let the guy near my dick.

FQ: Why not?

Well, mostly they were really ugly, or really old, or they looked especially dirty or somethin'. I guess it just depended on how the guy looked, and the mood I was in at the time.

FQ: So, if a man was really good looking, he could have you for $10 or $20?

Well, after I got used to the idea of charging people, I raised my bottom line to $50.

FQ: Wow, that's quite a raise!

If I didn't get it, I wouldn't charge it. I've got fuckin' bills to pay too, you know.

FQ: How many $250 clients do you have?

Not as many. I probably have a dozen guys right now who pay me $200 to $250.

FQ: Because they're ugly or dirty?

In a couple of cases, yeah. But otherwise, they want something that takes a little more time, so I gotta charge more for that.

FQ: For example...

Well, this one guy really gets off on raunch. So I charge him more.

FQ: What kind of raunch?


FQ: He likes head cheese?


FQ: And how do you accommodate him?

Well, for a few days I'll only do it with guys who want to fuck. I'll get them off, but I won't cum. Then, I won't pull my foreskin back when I wash. So I get this nasty buildup of dried piss and precum and sweat. It stinks and gets slimy and cheesy.

FQ: And he pays to lick it out for you?

Yeah. Usually we start out with his nose in my foreskin. He'll pull the whole fuckin' skin over his nose, and he'll be on his knees, pumpin' his dick while he's taking these deep breaths with his nose inside my dickhead.

FQ: He pays $250 for that?

Shit, yeah. I'm good. And I gotta give up other things to make up for this guy, so he's gonna pay extra for it.

FQ: How old is he?

He's an older guy. I think he's a pilot. He's in great shape, and even though he's not really my type, it turns me on to look down at him with my foreskin wrapped around his nose.

FQ: What turns you on about it?

I guess just because he so fuckin' into it! I can see his big hairy arms flexing every time he pumps his dick, and his chest is heaving in and out because he breathes so deeply, and his eyes are either staring right into mine or closed. It's like he's praying or something!

FQ: The $250 prayer.

Shit, he can afford it. Pilots make a lot of money don't they?

FQ: How often do you see him?

I guess every month or two. It's sporadic, you know? I won't hear from him, and then all of a sudden I can't wash for a few days because he's gotta have it.

FQ: So he sniffs your dick and...

Oh, yeah, we start with his nose inside my foreskin, and then he makes this big deal out of pullin' my 'skin back and chewing softly on the head, lickin' chunks of cheese off my dickhead. And the whole time he's fuckin' moaning like a sick dog in heat, and goin' on about how great it tastes, and thanking me for feeding him my cheese.

FQ: Do you talk while he's doing this?

I usually just watch. Sometimes I'll say somethin' like "Eat it, you fuckin' pathetic cocksucking cheese pig."

FQ: Does he like that?

What the fuck do you think?

FQ: I don't know. That's why I'm asking.

Shit yeah, he likes it. He starts whimpering like a baby when I talk.

FQ: Do you cum?

Yeah, when he's eaten all of the cheese off, he cums on the floor, and then he wants me to cum into his mouth. He begs me, he says shit like "Now, please help me wash it down."

FQ: And you cum in his mouth?

No, I push his head down onto the floor and hold him down by the back of the neck. He gets mine after he licks his off the floor with his tongue.

FQ: Is this standard with most of your clients?


FQ: So after he licks up his cum...

I pull him up by his hair, stuff my dick down his throat, and shoot.

FQ: Hmmm... that doesn't sound very safe.

He's not payin' for safe, pal. He's payin' for raunch.

FQ: What about your other clients? What are some of the more unusual requests you get?

Well, there are a few that are kinda different. There's this one guy... he's an older guy and he dresses up like a little boy. He's got these bib overall shorts, and he wears a striped t-shirt and a baseball cap and tennis shoes, and he always brings a baby bottle nipple with him.

FQ: A nipple? What for?

You don't wanna know. Ask a different question.

FQ: I want to know. I want to know.

Shit... ok, pulls my 'skin back, and puts the nipple over my dickhead, and then he pulls my 'skin back over so that just the nipple is sticking out. And he sucks on it like a baby.

FQ: And you can cum that way?

Well, first I piss, and he sucks it through the nipple. And then I jerk myself off real slow, and fill the nipple up with my cum, and he sucks it out.

FQ: Does he cum too?

No. He's not allowed to.

FQ: Why not?

That's not what he's payin' me for.

FQ: That's interesting. Any others?

Hmmm... oh yeah, there's this other guy who has me smear cream cheese under my skin before he comes over, and he licks it out while he jerks off.

FQ: Cream cheese?

(laughs) Yeah. I know. I guess he likes the head cheese idea but he wants to know what he's eatin'.

FQ: What's the strangest foreskin experience you've had with one of your clients?

Shit, that's a tough one. There are some sick motherfuckers out there. One guy stuffs gummi bear candies into my 'skin and has me piss and cum with my 'skin clamped shut with a couple of clothespins. Then he eats the piss-&-cum-covered candies out one by one. And then there's big Larry.

FQ: Who's big Larry?

Larry's this big tall guy. Shit, he must be 6'6". Late 30s. And he has this... umm, I guess you could say "unresolved" issue with his father.

FQ: What... he wants you to be his daddy?

Well, sorta. He pays to take showers with me. We go into the shower, and I stand and wash off, and he kneels before me and watches me washing my dick and balls.

FQ: ... and your foreskin?

Yeah, that's the biggie for Larry. The whole time I'm washing it, he's asking me in this little boy voice what I'm doing, and why does Daddy's cock have this extra skin on the end. I pull it back and stretch it and stuff...

FQ: Sounds innocent enough...

Yeah, but then he wants to touch it and pull on it and suck it. He begs me to let him "Please suck it" and shit like that. And so I punish him and slap him around. I tell him that he's a naughty little cocksucker and that Daddy's going to spank him. That's what gets him off.

FQ: Does that bother you?

Why should it? He's a sick fuck and he deserves to be slapped around.

FQ: Sounds like David Lynch meets Palm Drive Video.


FQ: Never mind. How long do you plan to do this for a living?

As long as I make money doin' it. Shit, I'm hauling it in right now.

FQ: Do you think your foreskin helps or hinders your work?

It helps. A lot.

FQ: How is that?

I've got a real thick overhang, it's kinda like my trademark, you know? Some actors have a certain look, you know? And some models have a certain body part that they are well known for, you know, like their lips or their chest or something. In my job, I'm famous for my foreskin.

FQ: Are you worried about STDs, AIDS?

I've been tested. I'm OK. I'm as careful as I can be, in this business. That's all I'm going to say.

FQ: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Grant.

Yeah, no problem. When will I get my money?

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