Friday, April 28, 2000 7:13 PM

Niedermier investigation

VANCOUVER — Vancouver Police say they're expecting more victims of a man charged with vicously attacking Vancouver prostitutes to come forward.

'We have to take a very serious look at him' Vancouver Police Constable Anne Drennan says police are still trying to determine whether 43-year-old Barry Niedermier has information about the disappearance of 27 sex-trade workers from Vancouver's downtown eastside.

"The fact that this man has hurt a large number of women who have worked as prostitutes in Vancouver," she says, "and we're looking for a large number of women who worked as prostitutes in Vancouver I think means that we have to take a very serious look at him with respect to those disappearances."

Since police released a picture of Niedermier, six Vancouver-area prostitutes have come forward. Drennan says it's likely three of them were victims of Niedermier in the past.

Niedermier is being held on 14 charges relating to assault on seven women between 1995 and 1997.

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