Thursday, October 5, 2006

Voice of the People

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Andrew Sorfleet
Andrew Sorfleet

Less well-off sex workers need a protected site

Re: Safe zones victimize prostitutes even more, Voice of the People, Oct. 3

To a man who has enjoyed working as a prostitute for more than a decade, Yvonne Chow's and Lucy Cao's gender-based arguments just don't make sense.

Of course there are many prostitutes for whom the profession has provided for an education, furnished a higher standard of living, and even raised social standing. Many of these people would like to participate more fully in society, but, unfortunately, bigoted attitudes such as these shut them out.

Why doesn't the city open a safe worksite, similar to the safe-injection site, complete with a federal exemption from the Criminal Code, to help those sex workers who are in dire circumstances?

Committee to Unite Prostitutes

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