Thursday, September 22, 2011


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'Fair trade' brothels would diminish exploitation

I'm not one of those hot and bothered men who would spend my money on the services of a prostitute.

But if I ever did choose to pay for a night of steamy sex, I'd rather spend my dollars at an establishment that is legal to operate and which allows prostitutes to work in safety.

I would rather support one with a decent wage and benefits along with a secure exit from the profession that leads them into college and/or mainstream employment.

Just like the fair trade tea and chocolate, which gives the growers and producers a decent wage and opportunities for their families and their local community, why can't we have fair trade brothels?

These brothels would allow prostitutes to enjoy the same benefits without the exploitation that has existed ever since the world's oldest profession was first established way back when.

– LESLIE BENISZ, Vancouver

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