Saturday, June 8, 2013

Martin MacMahon


Sex trade workers, supporters march in downtown Vancouver

Sex workers are marching across the country to show solidarity ahead of a major supreme court case on June 13th — a case that could have implications for sex worker rights.

Here in Vancouver, a few dozen marched through downtown to back a fetish house operator and a dominatrix who have been brought to the Supreme Court by the attorney generals of Canada and Ontario.

Eve marched with the sex trade workers.

"We all need to stand in solidarity. Sex worker rights are human rights and it's very important that we increase the safety for women, men who are involved in the trade across Canada," Eve says.

This supreme court case follows the sex workers' initial victory in Ontario Superior Court in 2010, which deemed three anti-prostitution laws unconstitutional.

Sex trade workers, supporters march in downtown Vancouver. CKNW AM 980

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