Thursday August 1?, 1996

Letters to the Editor

John School a Start

So Vancouver Coun. Lynne Kennedy wants to start a school for johns so that men who use/abuse sex-trade workers can learn not to.

Where are the alternatives to jail for the sex-trade workers? What abut some programs taht give them choices and support for changing their lives?

Improving neighborhood safety will come when we consider these women, girls and boys as deserving of protection and support as other citizens.

Donna Morgan
COPE Park Board Commissioner

Prostitute in Downtown Vancouver.
Staff file photo by Gerry Kahrmann

"John School" appears to be a positive way to reduce prostitution.

We would also like to see a program specifically targeting johns who use the sexual services of children. It must be made clear that this practice that effects society as a whole.

Karen Norris-Turner
Executive Director and employees
The Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver

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Created: August 5, 1996
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