July 11-18, 1996. Vol. 30 No. 1490

Charlie Smith

Cops Chase Child Porn

On May 13, Vancouver police raided the West side suite of a man suspected of possessing child pornography -- more than a yar after he was detained on suspicion of importing child pornography. On April 10, 1995, Canada Customs seized photographs, computer discs, undeveloped film and negatives, and written stories about sex between men and boys. "The majority of the material is related to [the man's] travels in Sri Lanka," claimed Det. Noreen Waters in the information to obtain the search warrant, which was recently obtained by the Straight. "There was several pages of typed material which was titled 'Boy Abuse Flogging, Fun and Fortitude'."

When contacted by the Straight, neither Waters nor the man identified in the search warrant would make any public comments.

According to the information to obtain the search warrant, the man was first stopped at Sea-Tac Airport south of Seattle, and was later intercepted by Canada Customs while travelling on a bus. The Canada Customs search yielded "a large volume of material", which Waters claimed she examined on May 2, 1995.

She alleged that she took evidence to Mary-Louise McCausland, director of B.C. film classification branch, and to the branch's special constable, Marc Everitt.

"Ms. McCaulsand [sic] described the writings that she reviewed as the 'cruellest pieces of writing she has ever read," Waters claimed.

Waters described the material as "extremely disturbing and graphically described sado masochistic sex acts between young boys and adults. Some of the boys were described as under the age of 10 years."

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