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August 1, 1996


p. 7.

John School is no solution

A school to stop men from buying sex is a complete and ignorant denial of male sexuality ("City considers sending johns back to school," July 25). There have been prostitutes and customers in every culture in the world since the beginning of time.

It is a typically moralistic Canadian conceit that "we" should attempt to cure men of renting women.

This school for "Johns" is all about blaming the customer. It s the society that is to blame, a society that keeps prostition illegal therby creating the problems that we have in Vancouver: hookers and pimps; drugs and users, cops and noise.

None of these would exist and the would be no need of a shcool for "Johns" if prostitution were legal. There would be diffent, probably lesser and more controllable problems if prostitution was legal and regulated.

What is it with Canadians that we can never learn from other countries?

For instance, prostitution is legal in Germany. Hookers are located in a particular area of the city, there are no pimps, they are given a weekly health check and they are taxed.

This is such a simple answer, but I am convinced Canadians would ra ther be self righteous about curing the "Johns" than ever attempting a real solution.

David J. Young

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