The West Ender
August 8, 1996

Police Beat

Tip leads to sex shop magazine seizure

A tip led police to a Davie Street porn shop where they seized piles of magazines featuring bondage and other illegal depictions of sexual activity.

Officers paid a visit to Love's Touch last Wednesday, July 31 where they found and seized 115 books and drawings.

Later that day police raided several other porn shops downtown but seized no similar material. Police believe a phone network alerted those store operators after their visit to Love's Touch.

The material seized from the shop deals with bondage, sado-masochism, child pornography, bestiality, urination and defecation, police spokesperson Const. Anne Drennan said Wednesday.

"It's certainly material we don't think is appropriate for display and sale in shops out there," Drennan said.

The owner of Love's Touch has twice been fined this decade for similar offensess, for a total of $21,000.

"The fines don't seem to be much of a deterrent. It seems to be a cost of doing business," Drennan said.

The shop owner faces charges of selling obscene material and the possession of obscene material for the purposes of distribution.

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