Thursday, April 17, 1997

Salim Jiwa
Staff Reporter

p. A19

Fifth body linked to serial killer

The body of a prostitute who vanished from Vancouver's downtown eastside in 1995 has brought to five the number of women to have been murdered by a serial killer.

Police said yesterday they have identified skeletal remains found on Mt. Seymour in August 1996 as those of Mary Lidguerre. She is one of five women who disappeared in the summer of 1995.

A cause of death could not be established because of decomposition of the body, said North Vancouver RCMP Const. Tom Seaman.

He said Lidguerre was identified through dental records.

At the time of her disappearance, Vancouver police said they suspected she had fallen victim to the same man they believe is responsible for the murders of prostitutes Tracy Olajide, Tammy Lee Pipe and Victoria Younker.

The bodies of Olajide, 30, and Pipe 24, were found near Agassiz in August of 1995.

Both had been sexually assaulted and strangled.

A few weeks later police found the body of Younker, also known as Nicole Jean Johnson, in woods 30 kilometres from Mission.

Police confirmed Younker had died the same way as the two prostitutes whose bodies were found in Agassiz.

A fifth hooker who worked the same are of the downtown eastside is still missing.

A 42-year-old man -- who once suggested he could have become a serial killer like Clifford Olson -- was taken into custody on another offence and is still the prime suspect in the murders.

The man was given statutory release in July 1994 after serving two-thirds of a 17-year sentence for two counts of rape and two of attempted murder.

In 1982, he picked up a hitchhiker, raped her and shot her in the head. She survived.

He also picked up a woman in downtown Vancouver and stripped and raped her before trying to strangle her. She too survived.

Police have yet to lay any charges in the five murders.

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