Sunday, October 12, 1997

p. A20.

Man kills self after hooker sting

ABBOTSFORD -- One of the men charged in an undercover prostitution sting in June has committed suicide.

But police say they have no reason to believe the man, 30, killed himself out of shame.

"That is speculation. It is difficult to say that's why he did it because there were other overshadowing factors that could have made him do it," said Const. Elly Sawchuk.

"We do not know if (the charge)... could have been a contributing factor.

Sawchuck said the man, a recent immigrant from India, killed himself two days after he was charged on July 7.

"We do not know the reasons why he committed suicide. There was no note left, and we know he was having fights with his family."

His name did not appear on a list of 40 men charged, since he died before it was handed out.

The Indo-Canadian Voice was the only news outlet to publish the names.

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