Saturday, July 5, 1997

Canadian Press

p. A19.

Crackdown on johns results in 47 arrests in Abbotsford

ABBOTSFORD -- Forty-seven people have been arrested by Abbotsford police after a crackdown on johns in the Fraser Valley community.

Police media offical Constable Elly Sawchuk said a woman police officer went undercover posing as a prostitute from June 17, to 26.

She said Friday the police blitz was the result of an increase in the sex trade in the rural community in the heart of the Bible belt.

Drug paraphernalia and used condoms were being discarded in public areas such as washrooms and parks.

Sawchuk said sex trade workers in Abbotsford are predominantly intravenous drug users. Police plan to publish the names of those charged with communicating for the purposes of prostitution July 11.

"The community is still small enough that the police become quickly aware when prostitutes are working the streets," Sawchuk said.

-- Canadian Press

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