The West Ender
Thursday, April 17, 1997

p. 32.

Local man faces child-porn charge

A search of computer hard drives and discs has led to charges against a West End man for possession of child pornography.

Police are calling it one of the largest ever seizures of kiddie porn in Vancouver.

Search warrants were executed April 2, at a home in 1800-block Haro and the following day at the suspect's internet provider.

Pornography, much of it involving children, was found on computer discs and videos, in diaries and photos.

Forensic analysis of the suspect's computer software uncovered enough evidence for charges to be laid.

Paul LeRoux, 57, a former investigator for the Canadian Human Rights Commission, was arrested and charged at his home April 10, and is to appear in court April 25.

Police said LeRoux, while living in Inuvik two decades ago, operated a residential school for students.

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