August 21, 1997. No. 105


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Thank you VPS and XTRA WEST

On behalf of everyone here at Youthquest, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Vancouver Pride Society for organizing and hosting the first ever official Pride Week youth event. The Queer Tribe Youth Dance was totally fabulous!

DJ Moses kept the dance floor packed; the ever popular, ever irreverent Sister C was, of course, her usual spell-binding self; and some really special people were presented with Youthquest's Pride Works BC awards.

Thanks to all the volunteers and to the youth who pitched in for one on the quickest, and most efficient after-event clean-ups I've ever seen! And a very special thank you to Wah Kee Ting and Michael Botnick, who not only made the event happen, but ran their butts off all night and still kept smiling.

I would also like to applaud XTRA West's cover photo and story of uniformed lesbians and gay men.

Unlike Mr. Kirby, my learned response to the police is to become as small and invisible as possible. In my experience, police are bashers rather than protectors. In highschool, they refused any assistance against weapon-wielding bashers --- silly fag, homos don't get help. As a teenage sex trade worker they gave me close encounters with the bottom of Lost Lagoon. Their fists have bruised my body and their boots have broken my bones.

But times change. In serving on various committees with officers, I've been forced against all my experience, to acknowledge that there is a determined change in perspective occurring amongst law enforcement agencies.

We're not done this yet; there is still much to resolve between our communities, the police and the justice system. The distrust of police is well learned and deserved. XTRA West's cover, however, acknowledges and celebrates the changes now taking place amongst the most traditionally closed hetersexist and racist good ol' boys club around. And that could only be good for all of us.

Rhamona Vos-Browning
Port Coquitlam, BC

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