Wednesday, February 4, 1998


p. A14.

RCMP shouldn't have let girls go

I was shocked to read about the three young girls who were allowed to leave the Richmond RCMP station unsupervised at 4 a.m. after being found during a pornography bust (RCMP says ministry failed to help girls, Jan. 31).

The Mounties said they released the children because children and families ministry officials would not respond in a timely fashion. As an adult, I feel it is everyone's responsibility to protect children. If I discovered three young girls on my street at 4 a.m. there is no question that I would round them up and look after them until suitable arrangements had been made with their parents or guardians.

If we can't trust our senior police force to protect the most vulnerable members of society, whom can we trust?

The RCMP should have held those children until appropriate arrangements were made, no matter how long it took. Trying to shift the blame to anyone else is a joke. The RCMP must be held accountable.


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Created: March 21, 1998
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