Thursday, October 29, 1998. no. 136


p. 4.

Boys were victims

Robin Sharpe's letter (Issue 135, Oct 15) asserts that "everyone's freedom and privacy of sexual expression, including that of boys (should) be our primary concern," the context of the remark being that of boys having sex with men. He also states thta the police crackdown in Ontario, the boys' "victimization really got underway when the police became involved."

Hello??? What kind of convoulted rationalizing is that? Do you honestly believe that a child can make an intelligent, autonomous decision to have sex with an adult? Considering that most children are naturally intimidated by and submissive towards adults, how can you see it as a valid mutually consensual situation? The huge power imbalance here is obvious. The child acquiesces to the seduction of the authority figure. He doesn't choose it freely the way that another adult might. The judgement of a suceptible child is definitely not on par with that of an emotionally developed, consenting adult.

Sheldon Kennedy just skated across Canada to raise money for a ranch for sexually abused kids. Its purpose is to provide them with refuge and healing from emotional damage that predatory, self-serving men have caused while "helping them" with their sexual expression.

I implore evey paedophile in our community to develop some conscience, self-restraint and self-honesty. You're not helping a child to "express" himself by humping him; you're just getting your own rocks off and pretending that it's for his benefit. Cut the crap.

David Kennedy
Vancouver, BC

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