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Winnipeg police expect prostitutes will try to cash in on Pan Am Games

WINNIPEG — Winnipeg Police would like to send a warning to anyone visiting the city for the Pan Am Games —keep your eyes on the athletes and not on the call girls.

Detective Sargeant Jay Paquette says officers in the Morals Unit of the Winnipeg Police know full well what awaits them come the Pan Am Games. They expect the increased number of people in the city will lead to an increase in prostitution.

"You'd be awfully naive to think that prostitutes from across the country and the U.S. wouldn't take advantage of the number of people coming to Winnipeg," Paquette said.

And it won't be just on the streets.

"I also think you're going to see an increase in the amount of escorts that'll be available in the city," Paquette said.

But Paquette says Police hope last week's high profile bust of an escort agency will deter some people.

"I sure hope so," Paquette said. "I hope that we sent a message — not only, you know, to the escort agencies in Winnipeg, but to anybody operating those kind of criminal organizations across the country — that Winnipeg isn't the place to come to do that type of business."

Paquette says With the laws in place right now this shouldn't be too hard.

Anyone caught trying to solicit the services of a prostitute will have their vehicle taken away and if it's the first offence, those convicted will be forced to go to John school.

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