Thursday, March 8, 2001

Michael Kesterton
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The Mafia Unplugged

"After decades spent exporting drugs and prostitution, an Italian mafia gang has decided to find a European audience for its favourite tunes — known appropriately as canti della malavita (songs of the bad life). Gangsta rap has nothing on it," writes Julian Coman in The Sunday Telegraph. The concerts will be given by a four-piece band of declared mafia sympathizers; the first venue is Paris. Further dates in Germany and Belgium are in the works. The gruesome ballads include Sangu Chiama Sangu (Blood Calls for Blood). Another song begins: "The first traitor I saw, I cut his face in two and I watched him die." The band's front man, Mimmo Siclari, says: "Everyone should know the mafia sing and pray just like other people. That's what this tour will be for."

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