Monday, November 24, 2003

Make sex work legal, Says Don

KAMPALA — Nude shows, popularly called ebimansulo are okay, Dr Sylvia Tamale has said.

"I see no problem with nudity. As long as it does not harm anyone it's okay by me," says Tamale, a senior lecturer in the faculty of law at Makerere University.

Nude shows are normally staged at night in bars around town. Police have threatened to close the bars and arrest the strippers.

Tamale voiced her support for the shows while presenting a paper on political independence and affirmative action for women at the Makerere University Senate Building.

Tamale said nude dancing is adult entertainment and leisure, which is cherished by many people.

"Sex work should be legalised, this is how some women earn a living. Why should the law come in? Women are exercising their freedom, it is a right."

She said some women earn peanuts at their places work, "so there would be no problem with them selling their bodies if they can earn more to sustain themselves."

"It is her sexuality and her body, as long as they [sex workers] do not harm any body there is no problem with that," she said.

The don said the law is unjust. "It targets only women, yet the business (prostitution) involves two parties (men and women).

"All sides should be penalised, it should not only be the women," Tamale said. She said if people feel they are offended by the presence of sex workers, government should gazette areas for them.

Tamale also maintained her previous stand that homosexuality is okay. "It involves two consenting adults who are aware of what they are doing." She said that as long as gays do not infringe on any one's freedom, they could do anything they want.

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