Thursday, July 3, 2003

Buying of sex in Finland is likely to be banned

The Government of Finland is likely to support proposals to outlaw the buying of sex after a task force highlighted how this could curb human trafficking and organized crime, said Justice Minister Johannes Koskinen. The task force set up by the Minister suggested that persons purchasing sex should be eligible for fines or prison for up to six months; the penalty for the buying of sex from minors should be raised from the current six months to a year.

Other proposals include a ban on the marketing and running of advertisements for sexual services in publications and on websites with suggestions that this should be given the same penalties as pimping. The report also said that the police should be given the right to tap phones when investigating cases of trafficking of humans and aggravated pimping.

The suggestions build on those experienced in Sweden where the buying of sex was outlawed in 1999.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, many prostitutes from Eastern Europe have come to Finland. Sex adverts in daily newspapers appear to be the main channel for marketing. A police study found last year that prostitution in the Finland was largely controlled by the Estonian and Russian mob.

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