Monday, April 14, 2003

Truckers and sex workers on AIDS budget for the first time

BISHO, South Africa — The Eastern Cape Health Department has made special provision for truck drivers and sex workers in its HIV/Aids budget for the first time.

Department spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said on Friday that R2 million of their R70,9 million HIV/Aids budget for 2003/04 would be used for an awareness campaign aimed specifically at truck drivers — the people "most vulnerable" to the killer-disease through their dealings with sex workers.

Kupelo said the programme aimed to "reduce and prevent the chances of sex workers and truck drivers to become HIV/AIDS victims".

In February the department launched the first road-side clinic in the province near Port Elizabeth, along the N2 main route to Cape Town in partnership with the national department.

Kupelo said the clinic had become a popular place were both truckers and sex workers could get condoms.

The clinic was also providing Aids counselling and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.

He said the clinic was temporarily houses in a PX freight container but a permanent structure was in the pipeline.

Kupelo said some trucking companies were working with the department but he appealed to others to join the programme.

Africa News Services — 04/14/03

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