Sunday, February 2, 2003

Teen sex on the increase

The problem of teen sex in Thailand has become a matter of concern as the abortion rate for teen pregnancies is double that of France, which many Thais see as a promiscuous nation, a psychologist said yesterday.

According to data from hospitals, 16 out of 1,000 pregnant teenagers seek an abortion, said psychologist Udomsilp Srisaengnam. In a recent poll conducted by Rajabhat Institute, most of the students surveyed said they have had sex without using a condom or other contraceptive devices, he added.

The problem of sexual promiscuity has also been on the rise as 2 per cent of Mathayom 1 (seventh grade) students said they were already sexual active and 30 per cent of Mathayom 6 students admitted to having had sexual relations, he said. More than half of the sexually active students said they had had several partners. Worapol Phromikbutr, dean of Thammasat University's Sociology and Anthropology Faculty, said teenagers had been misled by the materialistic culture that encourages sexual gratification rather than social responsibility.

"Teen sex seems to be a new fad for students who crave peer approval but fail to consider the consequences," he said.

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Created: April 13, 2003
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