Thursday, January 23, 2003

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Otgaar to have met internet lover

CAPE TOWN — Aubrey "Eric" Otgaar, owner of Sizzlers gay massage parlour and a victim of this week's massacre in which eight men died, would have travelled to Eastern Europe in less than a month to meet his new Internet lover, "David".

A former lover, Anthony (pseudonym), 25, spoke about his best friend at Otgaar's funeral service on Thursday.

"He was an incredible person. He was funny, he was entertaining — he loved playing jokes on people. I don't believe the attack had anything to do with him," Anthony said with emotion.

Anthony, who lived at Sizzlers with Otgaar from time to time, said employees were treated far better there than at any other massage parlour in Cape Town.

"The attack was definitely connected to an employee that made someone very, very angry. Some of the people who worked there had very interesting pasts," he said.

Tony Otgaar, 53, who gave the eulogy in church for his older brother, said they had last seen each another two years ago.

"Aubrey had a good relationship with his family, but before our last meeting, our relationship was a bit cool.

"I was too judgmental and we often debated his lifestyle. Two years ago, we set our difference aside."

Otgaar was the one who had to identify his brother's body after the massacre.

"It was terrible. All I could think about was what he must have gone through before he was executed.

"I still feel sick when I think how someone could kill another person in such a cold-blooded manner. How, after killing two then three people, can you still carry on."

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