Thursday, January 30, 2003

Sizzlers: ID kits released

CAPE TOWN — Police have not had any response yet to the release of identikits of two men wanted in connection with the Sizzlers massage parlour massacre in Sea Point last week.

Nine men were tied up with duct tape and they were each shot in the head with a 7.65mm bullet in the early hours of January 20. The throats of some of the men were slit.

The sole survivor is recovering in Groote Schuur Hospital under police guard.

Superintendent Neville Malila of Western Cape police said on Thursday: "The two identikits compiled and released were those of a white male in his late twenties or early thirties, blond hair combed to the back, with a goatee and well-built.

"The second identikit was that of a coloured male, light in complexion, also in his late twenties or early thirties and with black hair. He is also well-built."

Police making every effort

This week, the Gay Equality Project said the investigation into the massacre was being co-ordinated by one of the most experienced investigators in the Western Cape.

Project director Evert Knoesen said representatives of his group had met with assistant police commissioner Sharon Schutte in Pretoria on Tuesday to discuss several issues surrounding the murders.

Knoesen said: "It was apparent police were making every effort to investigate and resolve this matter as quickly as possible."

He said the project was happy that the investigation was being co-ordinated by detective superintendent Mike Barkhuizen.

Barkhuizen's previous investigations included the murder of former first lady Marike de Klerk in her Cape Town flat.

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