January/February 1982, No. 80

p. 19.

Police arrest youths in sex-murders case

SYDNEY -- A 19-year-old prostitute, Michael Caldwell, and a 16-year-old juvenile have been charged in the murders of Constantine Giannaris, Greek Counsul General to Australia, and Peter Parkes, a gay activist and school teacher.

Parkes was murdered October 20 and Giannaris was found dead November 16. A third gay man, Gerald Cuthbert, was killed October 18, but his assailant has not yet been found. All three men were found bound and gagged, and appeared to have engaged in sex shortly before their murders.

Sydney dailies ran sensational news stories headlined "Sex Murder" and "Hunt for Gay Blade Killer" as community leaders advised people not to go home with strangers.

Caldwell and his companion were arrested after police linked them with stolen jewellery belonging to Giannaris found in a Sydney pawn shop.

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