Committee to Unite Prostitutes!

CUP in the Media

The Truth Isn't Sexy: Julia

Letter to the Vancouver Courier,
published January 28, 2009

Response to an article and subsequent thread of letters about human trafficking and prostitution in Vancouver – and a Salvation Army transit ad campaign.

Other 2009 News Articles of Interest

Letter to the Vancouver Courier, published January 25, 2008
Response to an article about the closing of the downtown Granville Street stripclub at The Cecil.

Letter to the Vancouver Sun, published October 5, 2006
Response to a thread of letters and articles about a Vancouver committee set up to deal with prostitution, called "Living in Community."

PEERS Vancouver ad: She Has Lots of Experience in Sales

Letter to the Metro, published September 21, 2006
Criticism of a degrading ad campaign by PEERS Vancouver, along with PEERS' letter in response.

CUP Official Public Complaints

Formal letters to the Advertising Standards Canada regarding a dehumanizing advertisement campaign promoting PEERS Vancouver's exit programs for prostitutes.

  • Consumer Complaint to Advertising Standards Canada regarding PEERS Vancouver out-of-home advertisements (PDF, 512k)
    By Will Pritchard, December 4, 2006
  • Consumer complaint RE: (Advertising Code, Section 14) PEERS Vancouver's out-of-home advertisements (PDF, 960k)
    By Andrew Sorfleet, December 11, 2006
  • Advertising Standards Canada: Resources include Canadian Code of Advertising Standards and information on how to submit a consumer complaint. (

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