Wednesday, September 9, 1998


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Give Sgro a break

Toronto Councillor Judy Sgro has been an effective member of the Toronto Police Services Board who's shown she's not afraid to ask tough questions of police brass.

But she went too far when commenting on the proposed ad campaign by the Toronto Police Association to target politicians who criticize police.

Sgro said it reminded her of Louisiana, where those who question police are "found dead in the back of a car."

It was an unfortunate and uncharacteristic lapse in judgement for the experienced politician. Sgro recognized her mistake and immediately apologized.

However that hasn't satisfied the police association, which is now trying to force her off the board. It has asked the provincial government to instruct the Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services to investigate Sgro's conduct.

The commission has the power to remove police board members for misconduct or failure to do their job properly.

That's clearly uncalled for. Sgro made some intemperate remarks, she has apologized and the issue should go no further.

Surely the commission has more pressing priorities than abetting attempts by the Toronto police union to muzzle its critics.

Toronto Police clippings... [Fiona Stewart]

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