Saturday, August 29, 1998

Canadian Press

p. A10.

Law Enforcement: Rights Group Takes on Toronto Police Union

TORONTO -- A black rights group is launching a private prosecution aganst the Toronto police union, heating up a debate that has some critics asking: who's in charge of Canada's biggest city police force?

On trial is a union ad campaign that's already blasted a police watchdog agency, and is epected to castigate specific city councillors who are critical of police.

"We are not in a police state... but what is happening now would make us believe that they want control of this society," charged Reuben Abib of the Black Action Defence Committee.

"They're definitely trying to play politics at a new level, at a level that certainly surprises and intimidates many of the citizens of this city."

The committee is asking a justice of the peace to lay an obstruction of justice charge against the police association, the group announced Friday.

- Canadian Press

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