Tuesday, September 28, 1999

James Rusk

p. A10.

Lastman to put himself on police services board

Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman has decided to appoint himself to the city's Police Services Board when Councillor Judy Sgro, his personal appointee to the agency, resigns, it was announced yesterday.

The mayor has decided that he wants to sit on the board because it is entering a crucial period. It will select Toronto's next police chief in the spring.

The board has also thrown the city's budget off the rails by chalking up a $9-million cost overrun, Mr. Lastman's spokesperson Jim Warren said.

Mr. Warren said that in most Ontario cities the mayor is a member of the local police services board, but Mr. Lastman kept himself off Toronto's board because he did not know whether he would have enough time for the job. Instead, Ms. Sgro was named as the mayor's personal representative on the board.

Ms. Sgro, who recently was nominated to run for the federal Liberals in the coming York West by-election, is to meet with the mayor this morning. They will hold a joint press conference, at which Ms. Sgro is expected to announce her resignation from the board.

Toronto Police clippings… [Fiona Stewart]

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