Thursday, September 30, 1999

James Rusk

p. A14.

Lastman favours a chief from the ranks

Mayor Mel Lastman would like the city's next chief of police to be promoted from within the force.

He said yesterday that he has an open mind on the issue, but "I always prefer somebody that is within first … It makes the staff feel better. It makes everybody there feel better."

The chief's job will be open in February when Chief David Boothby retires. Toronto's Police Services Board has recently retained a consultant who will help it with the selection of his replacement.

This week the mayor announced that he will sit on the board after his designated representative, councillor Judy Sgro, resigned to run as the Liberal candidate in the York West federal by-election. He said that one of his main reasons for taking on the job was to play a role in the selection of a new chief.

Mr. Lastman, however, denied that York Region Police Chief Julian Fantino is his personal choice for the post. "I would be open to listening to him. I would be open to whomever."

But the mayor said that he does not know Chief Fantino very well. "I only met him once really at a breakfast meeting . . . I hardly know the guy, I know him to see him."

The mayor said that he does not believe that Chief Fantino, who was once a senior officer in Toronto, qualifies as an insider any longer.

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