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January 2005

Kiwassa Neighbourhood House
2425 Oxford Street
Vancouver, B.C., V5K 1M7
Attention: Executive Director

Reference for Mr. Andrew Sorfleet
Researcher/ Planning Developer. Vancouver Sex Work Project

Thank you for the opportunity to provide this letter of reference for Andrew Sorfleet.

I have known Mr. Sorfleet for fifteen years and with every year I increasingly marvel at his reliable ability to lead innovative projects that are both community-based and socially-just.

Mr. Sorfleet's work with Health Canada, the Law Commission of Canada, the University of Toronto, Maggie's, the Network of Sex Work Projects and AIDS Vancouver is outstanding. Andrew has repeatedly demonstrated patience and perseverance when working toward building strong coalitions between multiple and diverging communities, including government stakeholders.

Mr. Sorfleet's work as a community developer, facilitator; coordinator, researcher, businessman and resident is principally consultation-oriented. Responsible, personable, and hard working, Andrew sets an example through his skills and experience; and through a proven track record to lead strategic, robust, fiscally-sound, consensus-building coalitions for social inclusion.

Mr. Sorfleet is admired nationally and internationally as an innovative facilitator, and a canny project manager of analysis-based discourse for policy, program and community development.

From my position as a lecturer, researcher, writer, teacher, consultant, community builder and social commenter of health and social justice issues — among them sex work in Canada - I can think of no one who better to trust the planning, research, and development responsibilities and deliverables of the Vancouver Sex Work Project.

If you would like to discuss my reference or have any questions, please do make contact.

Dan Allman

[Andy Sorfleet] [the Walnuts]

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