June 11, 1995


For five years I was President of Toronto Prostitutes' Community Service Project, better known as Maggie's. It is a drop-in and street outreach program for sex trade workers and is funded by public health. During that period Andrew Sorfleet was an employee with major responsibilities. Apart from his efforts to provide support and counselling for sex trade workers, which he did with great sensitivity and commendable judgement, he was a bulwark in the office. He wrote reports and position papers, maintained computer records, assisted with fund-raising, and several times was the Maggie's delegate to international conferences and national forums.

Andrew is intelligent, resourceful, reliable and charming. He is a man of vast integrity and compassion and I recommend him with enthusiasm and confidence.

June Callwood

21 Hillcroft Drive
Islington, ONT.
M9B 4X4

Phone & fax: (416) 231-1923

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