March 18, 2005


There is something important in all this SWAV disbanding publicity which I'm embarassed to admit I forgot to say. We have talked in our discussions recently about the high cost of being a public figure — often personal costs which include barriers to advancement in other aspects of our lives. The most obvious example is career change. It's no easy task trying to figure out what the hell to do after a career in prostitution. I have known personally several people who have found it impossible.

But we have never discussed the other side of this equation — the high cost of anonymity. When you are anonymous you forfeit having your own voice. Over SWAV's decade of history there have been several members who have always kept their support quiet. These members have been unwavering in their support, with their trust, dedication, labour, insightful advice and financial commitment. And never have they ever received any public acknowledgment or gratitude. It is because of these members — helping those of us who have been public figures to be the best that we can be — that SWAV had grown into such a productive and influential organization.

I just want to say with all my heart a very, very big THANK YOU. You know who you are.

"Without you I'm nothing."
— Sandra Bernhardt

With eternal gratitude.
— Andy Sorfleet

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