Danny Cocker

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Danny appeared in several gay porn magazines, including spreads for Honcho (1986?) and Mandate (September, 1992).

  • The Honcho spread of Danny was later found on the Brisbane Bear Scans website as their "Leather Man of the Month."
  • Dr. Riley sent us this spread of Danny he hadn't ever seen before, found at Gaycontent.com.
  • These 12 black & white photos, printed by Bay Custom Lab, San Francisco, were discovered in the Walnet Archives.

As well, "Danny Cocker" performed in several commercial porn videos including:

  • Personal Service Vidtex Video, Dynamic Productions (c) 1992. Danny performed with Sonny Listz.
  • Steam Bath with J.J. Steele
  • Tim Lowe's Weekend Adventure with Rick Coleman (Steve Cameron)
  • Midnight Sun, performed with Johnny Rahm
  • In the Grip of Passion, performed with Zeff Ryan
  • Safe and Hot, a safe sex video for deaf gay men produced by the AIDS Committee of Toronto.

Danny also appeared in a nude dance routine for Zero Patience, John Greyson's musical about AIDS (1994?).

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