Danny and Alan, Church Street Toronto, October 1987

Danny Cockerline

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'Danny and Alan' was taken on Danny's sundeck on the corner of Church and Wellesley in October 1987. A bizarre (and prophetic?) note about that apartment: he shared a stairwell with none other than the Hassle Free Clinic, which was located on the floor below.

That was also the apartment where he began his whore empire and he had two telephone lines (and a yellow phone shaped like a banana) and it was there he built up his hooking fortune which peaked at, I believe, $75,000 in about 1990. Alas he'd spent it all by the end of 1993.

He was very businesslike and responsible in the late 80s and worked out faithfully at the gym every day, never did drugs and just drank socially and moderately, although he did hang out with a lot of party people. Because I'd be visiting on holidays in those years, I always felt like an immoderately excessive alcohol/drug pig in his then abstemious presence.

— Email from Alan, Friday, July 11, 1997

Special thanks to Alan McGinty who dug up some of these wonderful pictures of Danny.

Danny and Paul Green, Brixton, 1993

Danny and Paul Green, Alan's then-boyfriend from Australia, Gay Pride, London, July 1993.

Danny, Church Street, Toronto, May 1993

Danny in front of his apartment building — Vaseline Towers, Toronto, May 1993.

Danny and his boyfriend, David Pistilli, Toronto, May 1993.

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