Danny Cockerline with Chris Bearchell at the Repeal the Youth Porn Law demonstration, March 1994.

Danny Cockerline
1960 – 1995

Memories of Danny

  • Photo Album
    Wonderful pictures from Allan McGinty of Danny with friends.
  • Danny's answering machine
    A sound file of the Danny's voice from his answering machine the day he died.
  • 97 Walnut Photos
    Pictures of Danny during his days at Walnut.
  • Danny Cockerline
    "Brilliant and reckless. Beautiful but insecure. Destined to provoke. Queer. But a queer queer; an outsider among outsiders. Danny was always ahead of his time in fashion, decor and politics." By Chris Bearchell.
  • Danny Cockerline: A Canadian prostitute who favoured secession
    "In December, 1995, the Sex Workers' Alliance of Toronto lost one of its most eccentric members. Danny Cockerline, a founder of the Prostitutes' Safe Sex Project (PSSP) and of many other projects, was 35 when he died..." by Tracy Quan.
  • Danny Cockerline, 1960 - 1995
    "I spent this past December 25 with Danny Cockerline. I know: He died December 11, a suicide. But I have a tape..." Xtra!, January 4, 1996. By Rick Bébout
  • We'll miss you, joyful Danny Cockerline
    "Devouring energies fired safe sex and prostitutes rights work..." Now Magazine, December 21, 1995. By Gerald Hannon

Danny Cockerline & Chris Bearchell at a Repeal the Youth Porn Law (RYPL) demonstration, March 1994. PHOTO: Kenn Quayle.

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