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Letter regarding Bill C-397 (1998)

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Dear Official,

I call upon you as a legal official to urge the House of Commons to reject Bill C-397 and to not endorse any legislation that would change the summary conviction status of s.213 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Please keep me informed as to what your office is doing to ensure that Bill C-397 is not enacted.


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Backgrounder: About Bill C-397

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This private member's bill was introduced in May 1998 by Eric Lowther, MP for Calgary Centre. In his press release Lowther claims he has won the support from three levels of government in Alberta as well as from Alberta Justice Minister Jon Havelock. Lowther is solliciting endorsements from city councils across Canada.

Lowther's bill proposes that "communicating for the purposes of prostitution" be made a dual or "hybrid" offence. Currently, such offences result in a summary conviction and usually only minor fines are given. Changing s.213 of the Criminal Code to a dual offence would allow such offences to be prosecuted as either a summary or indictable conviction. Police would treat the offence at the time of arrest as indictable and would therefore fingerprint and photograph offenders.

"We don't make the laws, We just enforce them"

Sound familiar? Trying to have "communicating for the purpose of prostitution" made into an indictable offence is nothing new. Metro Toronto Police along with residents groups went to Ottawa to lobby for this change too, on May 6, 1992. Burnaby RCMP detachment wrote a report to Burnaby City Council recommending Bill C-397 and City Hall gave the bill its official support. Police request these kinds of changes to the Criminal Code because it gives them greater power for unwarranted searches, detainment and disregard for a person's right to privacy.


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Created: October 7, 1998
Last modified: July 3, 1999

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