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S.W.A.T. Press Clippings

S.W.A.T. History & Past Illustrious Members

  • A Brief History Of Sex Worker Activism in Toronto September 1993. (Updated 1995.)
  • Cybershrine to Penny Hoar: "Yes, that's my real name!" (1952-1997) — Dominatrix and comedienne, this S.W.A.T. member ran for parliament in the 1993 federal election. As a "Rogue Rhino" (unregistered Rhinoceros Party candidate) Penny carried the slogan, "Politicians screw you, Protect yourself!" and gave away free condoms.
  • Danny Cockerline: A Tribute — To the life and work of this long-time human rights activist for prostitutes. Danny was a founder the Canadian Organization for Prostitutes Rights (CORP) and the Prostitutes' Safe Sex Project (PSSP). This S.W.A.T. member was legendary on the international scene. Danny starred in several porn films and as well as being a centrespread in Honcho and Mandate.
  • Fiona Stewart Memorial Homepage Fiona was Jane Doe of the Junger/Whitehead Inquiry, she was also a highly-respected housing activist and very efficient administrator. Fiona was a founder of several housing cooperatives in Toronto and was a close friend and supporter of S.W.A.T.


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